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Our operations are certified and regulated (translate from Google)

Published on Thursday, March 19, 2015

SUBJECT: Confirmity Since 1983, Lachine Rapids Tours Ltd., operates the jet boat "Saute-Moutons" translate "leapfrog" from the Quays of the Old Port of Montreal. The main activity proposed is a wet and exhilarating ride on the Lachine rapids on board our ships "Saute-Moutons". Our operations are regulated by the Ministries of Transport Canada, Quebec and the Canadian Coast Guard, like any other cruise line operating in Canada. Our crews are licensed by Transport Canada, our vessels are inspected and certified annually by those departments and regulated by both levels of government. Our insurance company covers our operations and passengers to $ 5 million, according to provincial legislation. Our insurance company is only asking us to limit our activities to all persons who are aged 6 years and older who have no back problems, heart or pregnan woman. There is no restriction on the size, physical or mental disability (must be able to sit without help and to keep the safety bar) because our activity does not require any physical effort. A sheet of release of liability must be read and signed by each adult age 18 and over, participating in the activity leapfrog. Our operations are covered by all insurance companies covering or allowing their recipients to climb aboard commercial cruise ships owned by a Canadian company with all necessary permits and insurance with a minimum of $5 million Canadian dollars. Jet Boating activity is not a sport, the passenger can not interact with the movement or direction of the boat. Only the captain has control of the ship as any cruise ship and all ride are adjusted according to the customer and passengers present in the vessel.

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